Dalian: As Seen From Outer Space

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So, Google Earth has updated their images and now have high res. images of Dalian. As of a few months ago, when I was first introduced to this radalicious technology, all we had was muddy low res. pics of the city. This is super cool. Well, super cool in a very nerdy way (I looked up my house, my school, my old school, my old house, the bars I go to, various shopping centres, some parks, and pretty much every other place I’ve set foot in or on since coming to Dalian).

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  1. Isn’t it odd that Google maps didn’t get the update at the same time? I just checked, and there they still have the same old low-res crappy image. I haven’t used Google Earth very much — to nerdy for me!

  2. I wonder if it’s on the Chinese version? I’m curious if Google Earth got more Chinese cities when Google.cn started up. You’ll notice that the “sensitive” parts of Da Hei Shan seem to be missing from the detailed maps. hehe. Oddly, what I believe is Lushun is on there.

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