Can it! Y’er All Spam and Me As Well!

warningSorry for any that commented on recent posts and saw their well thought-out and insightful mind-manifestations disappear into the Ethernet… Apparently my comments' spam blocker program, which usually does a fine job of discerning you all from the pack of mystery-meat dealin' robots, went on a bender the other day and just became a drunkin' judgmental asshole. I mean, he called me "spam" … to. my. face. Disgraceful.

We pulled together a bunch of his friends and family, and a local Buddhist monk and had ourselves an intervention. We'll have to wait and see if it did any good, but I've now got 'em under a close eye. Again sorry…

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  1. CAPTCHA-based plugins are the way to go.  Verify any comment by inputting the code from a picture.   It saves heaps of time tailoring your comment filters and keywords.  Give it a shot. -Tim 

  2. I've used captcha-based verification in the past, and I may again in the future if this remains a problem. However, using WordPress' Akismet spam protection does the job well and virtually automatically (I've not had to load up keywords, or really customize anything). I've been using Akismet for months, and it getting drunk and misrepresenting my faithful commenters as spam is two-days new. I think it ties into when I added the WYSIWYG comment form the other day. Perhaps it got freaked out by the amount of HTML suddenly in the comments. Like I mentioned, I'm watching it closely now, and will take the appropriate action. If that means adding another step to the posting process, so be it – but that'll be a last resort.

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