Will China turn off their lights tonight?

For an hour tonight, 2,100 cities in 82 countries around the planet will shut off their lights (and other non-essential electromagic gadgets) in an effort to draw awareness and show commitment to stopping climate change.

Earth Hour is an initiative created by the World Wildlife Fund, and has grown in popularity since its 2007 inception in Sydney, Australia.And while China officially signed on as a participant this year, the coincidental overlapping of the country’s new Serfs Emancipation Day holiday has caused Earth Hour to go largely unpublicized here.While observance is still planned in Shanghai and a handful of other cities, Beijing has largely killed the lights on killing the lights.

Ignoring the effort of solidarity in the face of a global environmental crisis seems to be in line with the country’s recent announcement that it would like rich nations to cover the costs of China’s world-warming carbon emissions.

Excuse me while I go light a few candles and turn off all my lights to honor the great Chinese liberation of the Tibetan people. Won’t you join me? 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Earth Hour video:

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