Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen a tasty concept

Having just celebrated my second wedding anniversary, my single days are (touch wood) behind me. As such, the Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen isn’t the most practical gadget for me, but it sure is damn cool–in a high-tech lunchbox sorta way.

The concept all-in-one mini kitchen, designed by Kai Yu for the “young Chinese generation who live alone”, features everything you’d expect to find in such a device: A heater, a cooler and a tablet PC with Webcam.No joke–with the Personal Mini Kitchen, you never need to eat alone again. Just cook up your food on the rollaway electric-heated silicon mat (specific areas and controls for boiling, steaming, stir-frying, shallow frying or just a quick water boil for a hot bev.), grab your drink from one of the three cooler compartments, load up MSN and chat with other lonely eaters while stuffing your face on the integrated Webcam.

Not sure what to cook or out of groceries? Not a problem. Hit up a recipe or online supermarket site, and with a few smudges on the touchscreen you’ll be sorted.

Source: Yanko Design (h/t Gizmodo)


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