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Right, so I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned to any of you my friend Nong in Thailand. I met her in Chiang Mai when she introduced herself to me as my new Thai girlfriend. She’s quite funny.

Anyway, despite being funny, and a bit in need of a boyfriend, she is also one of the few people I know that is devoting her life to something better than for her own benefit. She works for an organization in Thailand called Empower that reaches out to Thai sex workers and rather than telling them what they are doing is wrong, understands WHY they are doing it. It teaches them to make sure they are not being cheated, abused, etc. Anyway… she recently headed down to Phuket and the area to help there with the relief effort. She sent me an update and I thought I’d share it with all of you. I’m sorry about the spelling/sentence structure… but who am I to complain – have you seen some of the stuff I write!? And English is my first language.

dear all friend ,
i arrived back to Chiang mai on last Friday but my work is still continue to follow up and we empower still have the follow up project to help and we think that we will send the team to go to down south
very often.. by the way before i tell all the story ,i would like
to say that i met Hilton and Anja in Krabi and we had a really nice dinner at italiano resturant the place which keith and i had been there 2 and a half years ago…

Hilton still be my great brother and he is find and ok with his girlfriend Anja and they start to help the people from phi phi island who escape to all destroy place in Phi phi and stay in Krabi town now.
they both still fight and they both have the business about scuba instruction in Ao noang still but the good thing of them is althrough that they still fight for their life but they still think of other people around them and try hard to help other as well so i bow to them.

my advanture in downsouth is so hard to tell all whole story and i saw all destroy place with my sad and all place we walk on is the land of dead and there are so many stroy along our trip and we just listen watch and see and remember in our heart and head we arrive in phuket on monday by thai airway and then go directly to Pathong for find out the information to help the entertainment worker so most of them have no hope and no job no money and still worry with all responsibity that they have to take over for their own family wait a head for them…
we went to Phang Nga and stay one night such we must go to meet the team in Khao lak such we must take the bus to Ta kua pa which all the emergency center there in Ta kua pa so we still smell all the dead body smell and we feel so sad…we met the team of Golbal fund which arrive yesterday also and we went to the fisher men village which all died amount 4000 people … all thing were destroy to see everything is
nothing and wonder that the big boats flow far from the seashore more than 1000 metre….it is mission impssible indeed

so many work to do and help immediately there by the way we stayed with the team only one night and half day such we empower still have our own mission in this time such we must to find more imformation of the
people who work in entertainment place all thai and migrant and burmese in many area and we try to help them with our philosophy of the humanrights and the women rights .

we went to kuraburi for see the place of the Aung thing national park and the other fisher men place then go to Ranong for contact the team of world vision then stayd in Ranong one night and turn our head to
krabi and stayed there one night beofre we took bus to phuket and take a plane back to Chiang mai… some fishermen told us the story about before the Tsunami happend 2 days ago, there are so many star falling down the sky so he beleive when the str falling down so we should make a wish so he make a wish for earn more money and can catch more fish and shrimp…but the Tsunami come to their village and before the big wave , there is lack water in to the sea so u can see all fish and shirmp underground of the dry sea in 5 or 10 minute but after that the
water and big wave come over to destroy anything while people exciting to catch fish in dry sea…… there are so many ghost story around us such people die immediately so everyplace to go people start to tell the ghost real story so i will not tell u such i scare also…u can not imagine that i wear 3 budha statue arouund my neck and i got the thing for protection of ghost and every place that i sleep so i pray for them that I will go to temple and donate thing for them so please do not make me scare or let me see them hah a byt the way we have the met the situation such we are 3 of women go but when we order food so they always give us 4 glasses hah a some of spirit come with us so
i will go to the temple soon on this friday and pray for let them feel peace….

i hope my report still have something to make u think but i still see world so funny idea but all i say ..is real and i still busy and if u want to know more detail.. come here to talk with me and i will let u
laugh with mhy true story of my big adventure…

ok too long story and miss u all and hope u all send loving to me such i feel warm althoug the one who come with us in the trip that we can not see still try to supprt me …
ha ha ha ha
nong ka xxxx

Photos are coming.. I swear. I’ve taken some of my school and of the area surrounding my school.. I just need to get them off my camera. Where’s my camera…

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