Suzhou Ah Go Go

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. – Kongzi (孔子)

Right, so here it is. The official, official Adventures of the Humanaught last post from Dalian. You heard it here first folks, well, because it ain’t no where else.

Though I’ll be continuing on with the blog in Suzhou, this marks the end of the day-to-day life in Dalian. Stay tuned for the day-to-day life of Suzhou, as I’m betting it will be just as fan-frigin-tasticly…well… it’ll definitely be.

If you happened upon this little space in the net looking for information about living in Dalian, you may find what you’re looking for via the search or archives. Otherwise, check out these great blogs/sites from Dalian:

Panda Passport: This is my buddy Rick’s excellent site. He’s got humorous entries, a bustling Dalian forum and a chat – plus he’s got a Panda Ninja… I mean, it’s a ninja that’s a frigin’ panda… how cool is that?

Take T To…: Though I bug her about not updating enough, Theresa’s promised to be writing more in the future.

Steve’s China Blog: Steve’s blog is a great place to go for life in Dalian of a more sophisticated nature. There’s no ESL rants and he makes a mean texmex buffet.

I know there are plenty more, but I seem to have lost the addresses for them. If you want more blogs for Dalian, check out here, and here.

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