Around Penticton

Right, so I realized last weekend that I had yet to take some photos of this beautiful place I’m living – and if I kept putting it off winter would be here and I’d not get nice photos… so I booted around town and down to the beach last Sunday and grabbed some shots to share on here.

But first… about two months ago my cousin decided to get a new hair do, but this was not just ANY hair do… this was a $450 hair style!!! My god. And granted the braids looked cool… only at 17 can you blow $450 on your hair and not wake up with cold sweats. So anyway, she decided a couple weeks back to take them out… and I caught a bit of it on camera.

And now the other photos…

Sunset over the mountains – taken from my aunt’s balcony.

Same deal…

Picture walking out of Zellers over at the Seaway Mall (or Pen Centre, or whatever). Clearly invision it. The beautiful panorama of Canadian Tire across the street, or 406 on-ramp… and this is what I get to look at! 🙂

This is at the south end of Penticton, just outside of town on Skaha Lake – about a 5 to 7 minute drive from where I live.

Skaha Lake – the airport is on the left (west) side of the picture, and the city is directly beside it.

Skaha Lake again. I like Skaha Lake more than Okanagan, just because it’s a bit quieter beach, and no Ogopogo Monster.

Skaha Beach again.. Sorry you didn’t get to chill here Vanessa – damn crap weather, but you’ll be happy to know that as soon as you left, warm weather returned. Hmmm…

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