Grabbity — a very bunny parody

My friend Tim and his wife run a wonderful business called ChunkiChilli, making organic cotton toys and apparel for babies and children. Having a bit of fun with an upturned wok, a sheet of foam with a hole cut out of it, and what looks like a sock hanger; Tim has created a little parody …

Things Done Well: On The Anatomy Of Thrift

The following three videos are a series put together by Farmrun, a creative studio that is working to capture the “burgeoning agrarian renaissance by producing beautiful media for agricultural enterprises and organizations.” Teamed up with Farmstead Meatsmith, a traditional animal processor, they’ve produced On the Anatomy of Thrift.

If you are squeamish about an animal being butchered for food, you may not want to watch. If you eat meat and are not able to watch (let alone do) this, it may be worth considering the more philosophical side of the modern disconnect between our food and the place it comes from. Not judging, just saying. The videos are fun, informative and done well.

On The Anatomy Of Thrift: Side Butchery

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Chinese cover of Radiohead’s Creep

Few things stir up high school nostalgia for me quicker than Thom Yorke going on about how un-special he is. Even now, Pablo Honey is a regular shuffle on my iPod (and still my favourite Radiohead album). Throw in the fact that I’ve been trying to re-dedicate myself to learning Chinese lately, and I was …

Things Well Done: Tim Minchin / Storm

Last weekend I was introduced to comedian Tim Minchin by my friend Nicki. Thanks to her I’ve spent the last few days firmly entrenching myself in the Tim Minchin fanclub, watching damn near all his videos on Youtube, as well as his “Ready For This?” DVD last night. Minchin’s act is a combination of comedic …

Things Done Well: 27bslash6

I was cleaning out one of my inboxes this morning and came across an e-mail my sister forwarded to me a little over a year ago. Titled “Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have a sword fight” I can only assume that the reason I didn’t pay more attention to it when it arrived was …

Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker

Here is a fantastic video elegantly removing the legs from the archaic, yet amazingly still used, watchmaker” analogy. Even if you’re well past believing in fairy tales, it’s worth a watch (pun not intended, but embraced) for its excellent job of explaining evolution via mutation and natural selection. One thing I should add is: expect …

Facts are expensive, invaluable really

As the category for this post suggests, here is something done well: an RSA speech by Timothy Garton Ash. “Against every post-modernist in the world, Timothy Garton Ash maintains that there are facts, and that establishing them is both a political and a moral imperative – and an aesthetic one, too.”