WordCamp China 2009 coming soon to Shanghai

wordpress_logoAs an avid WordPress user and developer, I’m not entirely sure how the fact that WordCamp China 2009 is only a couple weeks away escaped my notice.

Thankfully, fellow CNET Asia blogger Victor Cheung is more on the ball and tipped me off to this once-a-year event which will feature WordPress founder (and CNET alumni) Matt Mullenweg.

The all-day event is taking place on April 4, 2009, at Fudan University’s School of Journalism in Shanghai. The event is as equally for bloggers using the platform as it is for developers extending it and will host a select group of speakers.

Word is that if you register you get a free T-shirt. Free clothes, free event, the ability to hang out with a bunch of people that share my love for WordPress and blogging… sounds like a winner to me.

[Update: Turns out it was only the first 100 registered attendees that get the free t-shirt. Still, free admitance. See attendees list.]

WordCamp China 2009 details:
Date: April 4, 2009
Time: First speaker (Matt Mullenweg) is at 8.30am
Location: Fudan University Shanghai (location/bus info)
Official site

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