What is Google China thinking?

<google-duo-changIn cruising around the Internet I came across a humorous post at The Next Web asking, “What is Google thinking?“. The author points out that Google has some rather interesting “suggestions” for the simple phrase “How long does…”

The auto-complete feature that Google recently rolled out worldwide has been an integrated part of Google.cn for quite some time. Longer active history or not, I was curious to see what Google China had on its mind using the same phrase in Chinese (duo chang shi jian)?”Here’s what Google suggests that I might be interested in searching for:

  1. How long will it take to know you are pregnant?
  2. How long until you know you are pregnant?
  3. How long is considered premature ejaculation?
  4. How long pregnant?
  5. How long before an oil change?
  6. How long between exfoliations?
  7. How long does it take to get pregnant?
  8. How long until you have fetal movement?
  9. How long between dental cleanings?
  10. How long between wheel alignments?

Correctly put, I imagine Google simply uses search frequency and number of results to decide these, so it is actually more an indicator of what is on the minds of China’s car driving, hygiene conscious, promiscuous, premature ejaculating public.

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