That new blog smell

Since beginning blogging back in early 2003, I’ve started a number of blogs. Some related to China, some related to technology, but The Tech Dynasty here on CNET Asia is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to meld the two. It’s with a certain amount of pride that I begin this blog, a new incarnation of the long-running Little Red Blog, as to be following in the footsteps of Rick Martin and Will Moss is an honor, indeed.Though I plan to make The Tech Dynasty my own, and give it a voice and flavor unique unto itself, I will also strive to maintain the quality and high-bar mark that the previous two authors left for me.And there is certainly no shortage of things for me to discuss and opine about in these pages. No disrespect meant to my fellow CNET Asia bloggers, but I truly feel there is no place on the planet, let alone Asia, which is as exciting technologically as China is right now.

With an estimated 250 million Internet users1, more than any other country in the world, China isn’t just embracing the Internet and new technology, it is driving it. Whether crafting it, copying it, censoring it or just using it, China is all about the tech.But who am I to be writing this blog?

A fair question. I’m a Canadian expat who’s called China “home” for the past four years. I am, quite literally, married to the country. I’ve worn many hats over the years (journalist, editor, 4-1-1 operator, mobile phone salesman), but currently spend most waking (and non-writing/blogging) hours designing and developing Web sites.

I love anything open source, rye whiskey and PSP games. I twit incoherantly and obsessively on Twitter, have more friends on Facebook than I do in real life, and occasionally mess around blogging and video blogging about my life in China.

So I hope you’ll welcome me here as the new guy to CNET Asia, and I equally welcome you to help me build a new presence in the blogsphere covering technology in China–The Tech Dynasty.Oh, and if you arrived here looking for that Rick guy, he can now be found at his new Japan-based blog: Tokyo Shift.

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