G-Fox gets Juice’d

Upon the release of Google Chrome back at the start of September, I closed down Firefox with a tear in my eye.Chrome, like its namesake, is one slick customer, and for the most part I’ve not regretted the switch for my daily browsing habits. However, I do miss the addons. Like, really, miss them.One addon that makes me second guess my Mozillabandonment is Beijing-based Linkool Labs’ Juice. The plugin creates a smart little sidebar for your browser and produces on-demand supplementary information contextually linked to text you’ve highlighted on the page you’re viewing.

Check it out:

Now, I’ve just received word that a fully localized version of Juice comes standard with every new download of the Chinese version of Firefox, G-Fox, from Mozilla Online Ltd.Rebranded “Live Margins” in the install, it features a configuration specifically designed for Chinese users, including: Contextual search results from Baidu, videos from Youku, Yobo music sampling, restaurant reviews from Dianping, and a slew of other information from Douban and Sina.

Though, of course, the localizations make sense, there may also be a practical reason for offering Baidu instead of Google, Youku instead of YouTube and Dianping instead of Yelp–the Chinese versions rarely, if ever, get blocked.

All the same, a fantastic landmark for Linkool Labs, an exciting China-based startup that I for one expect to see more great things from.

G-Fox featuring Live Margins/Juice.

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