China, the world’s factory–a photo tour

It’s been a silent couple of weeks around the Tech Dynasty and for that I apologize. I headed off on vacation and spent two weeks desperately trying to pretend computers had never been invented. The vacation was great, but as is always the case, returning to work brings with it a mountain of things to do. While I process that, I wanted to share some photos I came across (via the most excellent All Roads Lead To China) depicting factory working conditions in China. These images certainly put my white collar–or more often than not in this summer heat, no collar–job in perspective.These images are from WethicA, a company that audits factories with an eye toward child labor, workers rights, health & safety, and wages.From the WethicA newsletter:

We are posting real untouched photos of factory working conditions from about one year ago. We have decided this summer to show you an important part of the job we do during audits by telling you why these pictures have been taken. Actually, an audit is much more investigative than ticking boxes off a questionaire. One has to walk in with an open mind ready to question everything in these situations and not only ask a list of predefined questions.

Conditions of toilets.

Young person waiting in the dormitory.

Exhausted worker, after too long a working time.

Plastic injection on electronical component.

Toy production with drilling machine (without protection).

Queueing for the cantine.

Inside the dormitories.

Certainly makes you think about how tough your job really is.

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