Casey’s 1st Birthday

I did all my jawing about being a dad for 365 mostly-wonderful days last post, but would be failing in my fatherly rights of overly saturating this blog with talk of my son.

We ended up dividing Casey’s first birthday celebrations into two. For his actual birthday we hit the local park and took him on the Ferris Wheel. It was funny to see Maggie tense up as we neared the top — I truly hope we get the opportunity to visit a real amusement park at some point and I can get her on a proper roller coaster. The park, only a few blocks from our apartment, is a frequent dog walk for me; however, this was the first time I really explored the different rides and stuff they have there. It’s pretty much a fully functional fairground, complete with games and everything.

On the way back from the park we stopped at a local bakery and ordered a birthday cake for his birthday party a few days later. We also grabbed a little cake for that evening, as a Wednesday or not, I didn’t think it was right for the kid to not have cake on the day of his first birthday. Quite unsurprisingly, his first experience with birthday cake was a huge hit.

A couple days after his birthday we did a small party with some friends, grabbing lunch and retiring to our place for cake and some mid-afternoon drinking. The downside to having a kid is that it severily truncates the lateness that you can stay up drinking socializing with friends. The upside is that it completely opens up the door to drinking in the afternoon. 🙂

I really wish all our friends and family could have been with us to celebrate this special day, but all-in-all it was good times. And as Casey’s not going to remember any of it but the pictures, we got lots of those too!

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