A whole different level of baby pictures

For anyone that’s followed my blog over the last year or so, it’s no surprise when I say I love taking pictures of our little guy. I doubt there’s a parent out there that doesn’t feel the same. And while the desire to capture every minor new moment is slowly dying down; I expect there are still hundreds, or even thousands of photos yet to take of little Casey.

Making those photos interesting, other than to friends and family, is not something I’ve ever considered doing, and frankly doubt I have the skills to do. Such is not the case for the amazing work of Adele Enersen, a creative copywriter and stay-at-home mom from Finland. At her blog, Mila’s Daydreams, Adele waits for her daughter to fall asleep and then places her in amazing dreamscapes, which have been hastily constructed with odds and ends lying around her house. The results are fantastic:

Be sure to check out her blog for more photos and information on her book due out next year.

h/t to my friend Melyssa for sharing this with me.

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