It’s time to confess – Web 2.0 style

TwitfessionsThe other day an idea for a new site hit me, and as I was waiting for some deliverables from a client to arrive and didn’t have much to do, I figured – what the hell.

The site is called Twitfessions, and essentially it tracks and displays any Twitter tweets that are tagged with #confession. Basically it’s a fun way to relieve yourself of that little secret or unspoken sin you committed – in a very Web 2.0 way.

Twitter, for those that don’t know, is a micro-blogging service – so, instead of bashing out a blog post of a few hundred words (or more), micro-blogging just captures your immediate thoughts, actions, etc.

I was a late adopter of Twitter, but have been addicted to it for a few months now. Incorporating Twitter with a Twitter client (a desktop program that posts your tweets) like Twhirl, and you have blogging meets instant messaging.

It’s a great way to keep up with what your friends are doing, but more so, it’s a fantastic way to keep posted on what’s happening in the world. These Olympics have been a great example of that – someone that I’m following on Twitter – many of whom are at the Games – will usually post about the latest medal standings, who won what, if there was a protest or controversy… using Twitter I’m always at the front-line of what was going on.

When the #080808 tag started on Twitter a couple weeks back it got me thinking about the different ways Twitter can be used.

I guess it was out of that thought that was born.

Twitfessions ScreenshotThe project gave me an excuse to spend some more quality time with Drupal – a CMS that I’ve only recently really started playing with (having converted the Hao Hao Report to Drupal not long ago).

Anyway, if you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think. I should mention that much of the site’s design/layout is the A3 Atlantis theme by John at Blamcast. I’ve customized a few bits to better suit my needs, but the heavy lifting was all done by him (beautiful theme John).

Oh, and if you’re a Twitter user – you can follow Twitfessions at the official Twitfessions Twitter page. And don’t forget to share your confessions by tagging your tweets with #confession.

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