Casey & The Wheelie Walker

When Casey first arrived our friends Kevin and Sammi gave us a walker. At the time I couldn’t begin to imagine Casey ever being big enough to use it.

For the last month or two we’ve been using it as a way to keep him stationary while we do dishes, prep dinner or just to give our tired arms a break. It was raised high enough so that he sort of just sat in it with his legs dangling. And with the tray in front of him loaded with some toys he was content enough to give our arms a temporary reprieve from his ever increasing weight.

About a week ago though I decided to lower it enough so that his feet could touch the ground just to see what would happen. I figured he probably wouldn’t be able to do much in it — I mean he’s really only just mastered sitting up unassisted and has shown very little inclination to crawl — but figured he might get some extra practice putting his weight on his legs. I was way off.

Problem now is, we thought we were still a month or two away from needing to child proof the place, but with his new found mobility he’s taught us otherwise — table cloths, curtains, coat racks, pictures on end-tables … nothing’s safe.

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