Your Asian Eyes

Great, now I’ve got Corey Hart stuck in my head.

Anyway, not much to update really, as I’ve done bugger all this weekend, EXCEPT, complicated my existence here the one way I’m really good at complicating things – with a girl.

Mandy came over Saturday to spend the day… and left this morning (Monday). Now before I get a lot of gasps and/or high fives … it wasn’t like that. But we have spent an unnaturally long amount of time together and it was, more than once, sighed about that she’s leaving in 6 weeks to return to the south of China and I’m leaving 6 weeks after that to go even further south.

I imagine it is a lot more than just her excellent English abilities that make her the most interesting Chinese person I’ve met thus far. And it’s quickly turning out that she might be the only thing I really miss when I leave this place, well, her and the cheap DVDs… never say I’m not a romantic.

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