We’ve Got A Blogspot Down!

An in-China Internet user’s relationship with the Chinese powers that be is a precarious one at best.

Really, using the Internet here is a bit like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet. You go one week and they’ve got that great seafood salad, but when you return the following week, the salad’s gone… oh! But they’ve got roast beef. Mmmm… all I can eat roast beef… salad forgotten. A couple weeks later the damn roast beef’s gone and we’re sans salad too! They’ve put out some jello casserole with caught-in-suspension macaroni… but it looks like no one’s touched it since senior’s day.

Really. The BBC site blinks on and off; Wikipedia was off, then on, then off and then on again. Now, after a few months of having Blogger/Blogspot blogs unblocked… they’ve gone the way of the roast beef. Sure, they can be accessed easily enough through Anonymouse or Tor, and most of the Blogspot sites I read publish full RSS feeds anyway… but still. What a pain in the ass. So Meg, J., Steve, Stephanie or Chris – which one of you pissed off the powers of the buffet?

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