War On Fat: Part III – Good Habits

So, about a week after going to war… how are things?

Well… I nixed jogging. At least in the everyday way. With some advice from friends who seem to have an uncanny amount of knowledge about this stuff, I’ve decided to take things a bit slower than I initially intended.

I was all gungho about the war going in, but realized that if my body didn’t understand what was going on, I’d have mass anti-war protests, led mainly by the H. S. Thompson in me. So, what I’ve been doing with the war effort is developing good habits, or at least better habits. I figure if I can maintain good habits for a month or so, these habits will become just part of my routine.

The habits include: drinking more water (check, now drink about my required amount in water and/or green tea a day), eating healthy (check, no more fried foods,and a lot more vegetables, seafood and chicken), moderate exercise (check, check out my soon-to-be posted review of Da Hei Shan), and no more beer (check…). That last one has been a challenge, as I didn’t realize how intigrated drinking beer was in my life. I go out for drinks, I have a beer with dinner (most men do here), I come home and have a beer on a Saturday afternoon… but it all adds up… a lot.

The other habit that actually started a while back, is that I get up early. This one has helped a lot in peripheral ways. It gives me more daylight and starts my day off -ummm- earlier. And well that might sound stupid, I just tend to be a lot more motivated to do things, and do the right things, when I haven’t slept until 9 or 10. So, 6:30 a.m., every day. I find that by the end of the day I am much more tired, but it’s a good tired and in turn a good sleep.

May 9rd, 2006: 107 kg
but it has fluxuated between about 106 and 108… so… until things really start moving and the new habits are really changed, I doubt this number will matter much.

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