Post 9/11 Blues

Watch this video – it’s hip.

Yes it’s perfectly acceptable for me to use the term hip. Yes, I know it’s 2006. Yes, “hip” is not “hip”. But let me tell you, as hip goes, hip is a pretty hip word. So there. And it works backwards too…. if you don’t like it… pih, what do I care. 😉

Also in the entertainment department, I’ve FINALLY gotten around to checking out this thing. My god, is it not the coolest thing in the entire world! This is what listening to music should be like. This is radio without the crap songs, stupid lead-ins and annoying “grab my attention because I’m a goldfish” adverts. It’s radio with the ability to stop and skip songs, and with the ability to control the “style” of music you want to listen to.

Ok, I’m late to the game, so you might all know this already – but basically you can just put in an artist you enjoy … say “Jack Johnson” … and the gadgetmadohickie at sorts out other music that might be in your line of tastes (say, Ben Harper, David Gray, G. Love, etc.). Occasionally you get a song that doesn’t fit (I got a couple 50 cent tunes yesterday in my Jack mix – if I was 30 years older that sentence would have just a much stranger feel to it), but largely it’s fantastic.

Plus, it lets you add this little thing to your site, or whatever, that shows people what you’ve been listening to. You can see it’s quite varied, but mostly in sync with my tastes.

Well, I’m on Day Three under the new WordPress system and I’m loving it. I’ve switched the vBlog over as well and added my Music to the links at the top and side. I like WordPress because it makes adding Pages (basically static, out-of-the-blog-flow, entries) really simple. And their posting input is just awesome. All in all, I’m quite happy with the move. Anyone having any problems with it? Like stuff displaying weird, etc.?

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