Tom Cruise makes my thetans tingle

I’m no fan of “organized” religions by any stretch. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists… they all astound me in the faith they have for something that for all intents and purposes doesn’t exist but for the fact that they will it to.

What further astounds me are the things that are and have been done under the name of “religious right”.

However, though not having led to any holy wars that I know of, by far the “religion” that makes me bang my head against my desk more so than any other, even more than the Mor[m]ons, is Scientology.

So, when a buddy of mine sent me this link to a Tom Cruise infomercial on Scientology, I just couldn’t not post it.

Also included in the link was a comment from a 30-year veteran of Scientology that was nice enough to offer some explanation to the nutzo terminology Cruise is using:

  • KSW (short for Keeping Scientology Working): A policy written by Hubbard in the 1960’s that requires all Scientologists to follow his words and his rules exactly.
  • Orgs: Orgs is an abbreviation for “organizations” and describes all churches of Scientology throughout the world.
  • David Miscavige: He is the current leader of Scientology. He’s the equivalent of the Pope to the Catholics.
  • Out-ethics: any behavior that violates any of Hubbard’s rules of conduct.
  • Put ethics in on someone else: make others conform to Hubbard’s rules of behavior.
  • Criminon: Scientology front group that tries to recruit through the prisons.
  • SP: Suppressive Person. Anyone that doesn’t like Scientology and/or criticizes Scientology.
  • PTS/SP: another bogus Hubbard term to define behavior that goesagainst Scientology rules.
  • LRH technology or “tech”: all the Scientology policies, rules, mandates, procedures.

And, always eager to tie things in with China – why not read up on China’s version of Scientology. Sure they’re persecuted. Hell, who hasn’t bought an organ or two of theirs on the black market. And I feel for them, I really do. But man, whack jobs are whack jobs.

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