Time To Face The Book

After endless pestering from my friend Sarah, I’ve finally jumped on the Facebook bandwagon.

I’m not a huge fan of social networking sites, mostly as I’ve just been over exposed to them. From back in the day when my friends were on Campus Kiss, and then migrated to Friendster and MySpace and now they all seemed to have moved again… it’s just tiring trying to keep up.

Not that the sites don’t inform you of how many friends are just waiting for you to join. Nary a day goes by that I don’t get an e-mail from someone I haven’t spoken to in years (sometimes with good reason, sometimes not) asking me to join up to one of the endless supply of social sites now clogging the bandwidth.

Ryan McLaughlin's Facebook profile

That said, Sarah’s claims that Facebook was just plain slicker than MySpace or those others (actually, I doubt she said “slicker”, does anyone use “slick” anymore?) was not unfounded.

Within about 2 minutes I had auto-mined my Hotmail account for people on my Messenger list who were also on Facebook (being careful NOT to e-mail those that weren’t and invite them to join). Another five minutes after that I had searched through my college’s graduating year for people in my Journalism program and reconnected with a bunch of people I haven’t talked to since graduation.

I’ve also created two new Facebook groups for you all to join.

The first being for, oddly enough, expats in Suzhou. The second is in conjunction with my other site, Lost Laowai, and is for any expats in China (or laowai with an interest in China for that matter).

Another bonus to Facebook is that it works as an additional platform for introducing people to my blog – via links and an RSS import function. So, if you’ve come here from Facebook and are seeing the blog for the first time, please leave a comment.

If you’re a reader here and have a Facebook account – feel free to add me as a friend.

Professionals, read on…

Linked InHey, so if you’re a professional of some sort and have a LinkedIn account, please feel free to add me as a connection there. Tip of the hat to fiLi to hooking me up with this neat, professional alternative social networking site.

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