The Talk of Seychelles

Top 12 of 12 Total Countries
3198012.69%106812.17%7630616.17%US Commercial
8760.49%740.84%34050.72%United Kingdom
9720.46%430.49%24130.51%New Zealand (Aotearoa)
10390.25%380.43%21140.45%United States
11340.22%340.39%20590.44%US Educational

So, with a few hours to kill between cleaning my apartment and Sarah’s arrival, I’ve been cruising around my site checking statistics and stuff. The above chart lists all the countries visitors to my site logged on from during the month of March. I was mildly amused that I had a visitor from Japan, but the big question that hit me was: where the hell is Seychelles? Well, I now know it’s a series of islands off of Africa’s east coast, just north of Madagascar, but who’s checking my site from there?

Ok, upon a closer look at the stats, I’m realizing that it must have just been a ping or something from an IP there (don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense) as I have no pages that are 6KB in size. There go my hopes and dreams of being a hit in the West Indian Ocean. As the Seychellians say, “C’est la vie mon ami.” (some other people say that as well).

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