The Postie With The Mostie

payperpost.gifAlright folks, thanks for all your awesome feedback on the Full Disclosure post. I've weighed what everyone has said about this idea, and also read up on a few things on the PayPerPost site. Though the concept seems to have a few growing pains they're working out, I like the potential it holds. So, for now I am going to continue using the service and see how it goes. I am happy to tell anyone interested the results of using the service – just send me an e-mail.

Essentially what the site does is hooks bloggers up with sites that want to be talked about, and that are willing to pay for that talk. I'm taking a sort of limited stance on what I'll be accepting in the way of these "opportunities" and will be doing my solid best to resist just writing about crap to make money. Basically this means the "opportunity" must have some relation to the topic of this blog and you guys. It also must meet my standards for being useful. So, if I think it's crap, I'm not going to write about it. If I think it's cool, I will. Same rules as I've always had.

Now the funky part, plugging provides me with the opportunity to also make some cash. Basically, any bloggers that are interested in a way to potentially make money posting about some site or service and want sign up for free, just visit this link – make money – and please put me as your referer in the sign up process by using my e-mail mail2me [at] thehumanaught [dot] com (obviously reformating that so it looks like a standard e-mail address), and magically it sends some love my way.

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