The Money Train

Hey, so I’ve added this button to my site that lets you throw any amount of money you want at me and immediately upon clicking “Send” you are filled with a sense of karmatic bliss unlike anything you’ve felt before**.

Mostly I just like the idea of having a PayPal Donation button on my site, so by no means feel that I am begging for cash or anything like that. I think blogs are, should and will always remain one of the best free things on the net… but I know a lot of my friends and family read this, and should anyone ever feel particularly sorry for me and want to buy me a drink to say “I understand…” – well, now you have the means. Any amount is accepted.

** some conditions apply, and no guarantee is made to the quality or durations of said bliss nor the ensuing affect it plays on your next life. Karma© and Bliss© are both protected under article 10c of the Enlightened Joint Venture Act c.510 between the Hinduism and Buddhism franchises.

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