The Mac Daddy

I know, I know… two posts in one day – inside of a couple hours even. But since I left here last I stumbled upon something and wanted to share it. I’ve effectively turned the look of my computer into that of Mac OSX.

For those, like me, whom years ago swore off Mac and all its “I’m faster, better and slicker looking” boastfulness, but now feel a little like maybe they were wrong… just a little, can get the ‘slicker looking’ bit on their PCs.

Through a few simple addon programs you’ll have those Apple pundits believing you’re one of them (at least at first glance). For detailed instructions, visit this guide.

What I particularly like about it is the OSX (Mac’s Windows XP) toolbar at the bottom – it’s just damn cool. Just to be clear, the programs don’t actually change the function of Windows in any way. It’s still an XP system, all your files are the same, etc. It just looks… well… nifty.

Here’s a screen shot. As per usual, click it for the bigger version.