The Long-needed Lost Laowai Facelift

Hey all, as most know I run another little site called Lost Laowai. It’s a community site dedicated to demystifying China with a no-nonsense approach.

On top of the core site – featuring message boards, job listings, classifieds, and a number of other things – the site also plays host to a nifty little collaborative blog effort.

Largely I’ve pieced the site together over the last year or so, and it was finally time to sit down and seriously rethink its design. So, fast on the heels of this blog’s redesign, I’d like to present – Lost Laowai v2.0.

Lost LaowaiI’ll not say much about it here, as I want everyone to take the extra click and visit to see the features themselves, but basically I am trying to incorporate more Web 2.0 applications into the design to add to the interactivity and communal aspects of the site.

Head on over to the link (post) above and leave comments there on what you think. It’s not 100% yet, and there’s a few bugs I need to squish – but your feedback is much appreciated.

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