The High (Speed) Life

That’s right folks! I’m back on top! After nearly two months without ready access to the wonders of high speed internet, this morning a young man delivered a beautiful little box that is making my shiney new laptop just that much hipper.

So the breakdown, for anyone in Dalian looking to get ADSL is such:
400 å…ƒ – 6 mo. access
100 å…ƒ – Install fee (the most I’ve ever paid someone to take something out of a box)
180 å…ƒ – 6 mo. rental fee for modem
300 å…ƒ – deposit (which I allegedly get back)
980 å…ƒ – The total cost of heaven. Honestly, it’s pricy and I hated paying it (especially that install fee), but sometimes you just have to suck it up and accept that there are costs associated with being this cool.

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