The China Blog Awards: Third To None!

The China Blog Awards winners for 2007 have been announced!

It appears I have no taste when it comes to these things, as none but one of my pics took home a trophy.

As for myself, I came in 2nd to Beijing Boyce in the Personal Blogs category. I’m tickled, really. I mean, the fact that 155 people went and clicked a little plus sign to indicate they like this blog is a really nice thing.

Chinalyst is even handing out cool little “Runner Up” trophies for all half dozen “First Losers”.

And though I truly appreciate everyone who went the extra mile and voted for me, I’m afraid I’m not going to accept it.

The truth is, I feel a bit wrong displaying an award I created.

So, I’m happy to give the [deep breath] 2007 China Blog Awards Runner Up For Best Personal English-Language China Blog to the runner up runner up, Mysterious And Misplaced Logic of a Maniac Gone Awry – a great blog that everyone should read (and at least 149 people do!).

Props to the following:

And lets not forget the Zui Hao Best Blog Post portion:

Cheers to everyone who took the time and participated. And a big thanks to fiLi who made it all happen!

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