Soochow/Suzhou University Mandarin Program – Contact Info

As I’ve had no less than half a dozen e-mails asking me this, and as I can’t remember where I got the information initially, here’s some contact/prelim. information about Suzhou’s Soochow University Mandarin language program.

I’ve decided not to continue studying there for a whole number of reasons – none of which have to do with the quality of the teachers, whom I think are fantastic. However, if anyone should have any questions about my experience there, you’re welcome to leave a comment or contact me.

Soochow University Contact:

Admission Office
School of Overseas Education
Soochow University (East Campus)
50# Donghuan Road (215021)
Email: [email protected]

Some info:

This is all taken from e-mail correspondence between myself and the program administrator in August 2007 – it is likely out of date, so only use it as a guideline.

In our school, every semester we have about 400 students, so on the registration day there is placement test just to see the student current Chinese level so that we can put the student to the relevent class.

…tuition fee 7500 yuan RMB, the application fee 250 yuan plus the registration fee 250 yuan RMB.

And thanks to Google Map, I can show you all where it is:

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