Soapbox: Smokers

Always one to step on my little soapbox here, I just read an article on CBC entitled “Anti-smoking crusader takes on final campaign” and if you’re a smoker and feel it is your ‘right’ to be able to smoke in public places, please read this and educate yourself.

This is not an issue of civil liberties for smokers this is an issue of civil liberties for non-smokers. Personally I’m all for allowing people to do whatever they’d like to do in the comforts of their own home (where children don’t reside), and hell, if they want to smoke outside in uncrowded areas, not a problem… but for those smokers out there that start to cry when the government passes a new law banning smoking from various confined public areas (i.e. restaurants, coffee shops and bars) – don’t be ignorant and claim you have the right. You really don’t. No more than I have the right to shove the lit cigarettes down your throat – something I’m reasonably certain is equally bad for your health.

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