Silver Linings And A Farewell To A Fish

Well, I’m sad to report that sometime early this morning my fish became one step closer to reaching a higher level of existence, and his mortal vessel became one step closer to reaching the sea.

Tragically the little bowl-dweller didn’t live long enough for me to give him a name. Out of fear that perhaps it was a lack of identity that killed him, his surviving bowlmate will be getting a name as soon as Maggie gets home and we can decide on one.

I bought the fish on the way home from work on Saturday and was thrilled when they made it through their first night of breathing chlorinated water (I have none of those drops to add to the water to make it all cool). All was going well, despite the little guys not seeming to eat everything I threw at them, but then after doing a tank cleaning yesterday I noticed the bigger one was moving a bit sluggishly – though not quite as sluggishly as this morning.

The whole thing has me questioning my own mortality. Alright, not really. But the two grey hairs that Maggie has recently plucked from my head (not to discard them, but to dispell my disbelieve that they even existed) have forced me to realize that I can’t hide behind that ‘I’m still young’ mantra that has kept me a good distance from any real responsibility.

I mean, a hair or two out of… well… quite a few others isn’t SO bad, but upon seeing the silver strand suddenly it felt like that part in the movie where we all realize who the killer is .. and lemme tell ya folks, the baddy in this film is time.

So, as might be expected from someone who has just discovered such hairs, I’ve been devoting a lot of time lately to sorting out what I want to do with my life. I’ve not come to any concrete decisions yet, but am exploring my options with a little more long-term-idness than previously.

Now before I get a lot of comments (right, a LOT of comments, hell does anyone even read this anymore?) about being to uptight and serious about things… don’t worry, I’m doing it all with a casual grace.

Oh… Maggie got a job today. Well, she technically got a job yesterday, but when a better job presented itself this morning, she nixed the first one. It looks like she’s going to be working as a clerk (of some sort) for a company that deals in imported wine. It’s 6 days a week, 8-5… and she only pulls in less than 1/3 of what I make for lazily working two days a week… but well, I don’t make the rules. She starts tomorrow … bye-bye day-time company. It looks like I might actually be forced to do productive things with my day, instead of the current schedule of laying around uttering the occasional, “we should really do something productive.”

Fun for the Day: The Amazing Falling Junichiro
This one is for all the Chinese and Koreans that think Junichiro Koizumi can take his ancestors and his mutated sense of pride and stick ’em. Generally my views on Sino-Japanese relations tend to side towards the island people to the east, but when you’re a public figure and you continue to do something you know is going to piss off one and a half billion people … you deserve to be thrown around the screen and giggled at as you slide over spacey balls.

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