Road To Wedlock VI: 到了 (arrived)!

weddingprev01.jpgAlright, I had big plans to be able to squeeze in a post giving the details of the wedding sometime during the last few days of being in Suzhou between tropical islands (Hainan – Koh Chang) … alas it was not meant to be.

So, this is all I’ve time for at the moment – a fire on the keys update just to say all went well, despite looking grim a handful of times. The ceremony went off without a hitch and my family’s visit has gone quite well – luckily they’ve no blogs to contradict that 😉

I didn’t quite realize that hosting them would really be a dawn to dusk job, and so I over-estimated the amount of time I’d have to do other things. I’ve now only an hour and a half before we head to Shanghai for the day before heading home (for them) and Thailand (for the wife -god I love that- and I)… it might be time for me to put a bit of exploratory work into where exactly I’m going in Thailand.

All this to say, it went great, I’ve had a smashing time hosting my family and introducing them to Chinese culture (dirty toilets, strange food, and more fireworks than anywhere else on earth)…

A bigger, better and more photo-infused post to follow upon my return from Thailand.

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