Off To Get Married

Alright, just shutting down the computer and we’re off to catch our shuttle from Suzhou to Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) to meet my parents.

As might be expected, I’ll not be online much these next few days. In case you all get lonely, I’ve asked the other writers at Lost Laowai to pick up my slack while I’m gone. Steven’s already risen to the occasion with a very funny post: “Ensure Chinese New Year Goes Off With A Bang“.

Also, you can use the spare time that would normally be wasted digesting my drivel to go find a worth while read – and don’t forget to post it on the Hao Hao Report! 😉

And if you’re still bored after that – we’re now in the final days of Ryan & Maggie’s Online Stag & Doe – if you’ve not bought your 50/50 or raffle tickets – now’s the time to do it 😉

See you all when I’m married.

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