Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Well, it’s been a bunch of days and though the foot situation seemed to be improving on Friday, it got quite a bit worse on Saturday – helped in no part, I’m sure, by the large amounts of alcohol I drank Friday night in celebration of my friend Alicia’s birthday (c’mon, her mom and bro were here from Canada, and they brought Crown Royal).

Anyway, it started looking better on Sunday (after lots of water, and absolutely none of the mead) but it’s sort of leveled out now in an uncomfortable swollen mass. It’s not extremely painful, but not all that great either – and it’s squishy. You know those little fine-sand filled stress balls that you can buy, well that’s my foot… one big anti-stress ball (with an ironic sense of humour).

So, not much else to report. Was off work today, and will be off again tomorrow. Not sure how all this is going down with my school, but the woman that’s my contact at the school is being quite nice about it.

UPDATE: Here’s a photo of my foot. I’ll not gross out any unsuspecting readers by posting the photo – but if you click the link, it’ll bring it up.

As this is all sort of a gross/weird topic – go read the article I wrote for Lost Laowai today – it’s a bit more entertaining.

DisneyMainland: “Disney Is Too Far”

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