No News Is Good News

I’m just waiting for Maggie to come home from her second day at her new job and I’m killing the time by catching up on news – as well as getting versed in the beauty of football.

So, first off, in case anyone cares or is worried… Liaoning officially has cases of bird flu (ahem, I mean ‘avian influenza’). Liaoning for all those not clued in is the province I live in.

Nearly 400,000 birds were given a swift quick to the afterlife up near Shenyang the other day. They’ve vaccinated about 14 million other chickens, and everything seems to be under control. Keep in mind, not one case of human infection has been reported here yet. Did anyone else know this stuff’s been around for like 100 years? (More Info)

The other funny thing I read recently was that South Korea is getting testy about cheap imports of Kimchi from China. Aparently they don’t like getting the parasite eggs that are included free of charge. The bit of the story that I thought was damn near tear worthy on the laugh-o-meter is thus:
It’s the latest salvo in a kimchi crisis [that’s great writing BTW] that has gripped the two Asian nations since last month, when South Korea banned kimchi imports from China after finding parasites normally found in human feces in Chinese brands. China, in turn, banned some South Korean food products.
“China, in turn, banned some South Korean food products.” Hahahaha. You don’t want our shit spawned parasites, well then, we don’t want Samsung cell phones and gawd damnit, we’ll find our own source of Internationally praised cinema.

Kimchi for those that don’t know (in particular those that wrote the CBC article), Kimchi is a collection of various ‘pickled’ things (usually vegetables, but I don’t think it’s limited to this). The most famous is spicy cabbage (La Bai Cai in pinyin). The stuff is fantastic, and I enjoy going to Korean restaurants for this alone (and it’s usually FREE!). Anyway, for more information about Kimchi, go to Life In Korea: Kimchi and prepare to salivate.

Alright, Maggie just called. She’s waiting at the restaurant for me. Sadly her working means less home cooked Chinese meals, but it does give me more opportunity to rediscover my cooking abilities. Just not tonight.

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