My World Is A Flood

Below the waterline: the final marks left by drowning primary school students.

At the risk of delving in to too political a topic as Chinese media censorship and what Western countries actually care about the deaths of children thousands of kilometres away, I felt the need to put something about this on here if for no other reason than to share a little bit of the grief that can’t help but be felt when reading this. I mean, I’m not callow enough to think that this shit doesn’t happen every day… but well, when it’s only a train ride north from where you’re living…

Essentially, about 6 days ago flood waters overtook the banks of a river in the northern-most Chinese province of Heilongjiang. The waters washed into the low-lying primary school and killed from 30 to 200 little kids. Below are several different perspectives on the issue. First is the CBC News site’s report, taken from the Xinhua News Agency ( the CCP’s mouthpiece to the world. The second is from a great blog that focuses on re-printing translated Chinese news articles (usually having grabbed them before they are blocked or removed from the annals of periodical history).

CBC Report on Heilongjiang Flood

EastSouthWestNorth Entry Re: Heilongjiang Flood

I promise a lighter entry tomorrow.

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