Movin’ and Shakin’

Well, we’re all moved in to our new apartment. After a few hiccups and finally having to agree to having a rent increase after six months (I knew that 1,000 yuan thing was too good to be true), we moved in Thursday. Last night shortly before meeting Cam and Maeve for some dinner in our new neighbourhood we finished cleaning. My gawd, who knew four years of no habitation (and no sweeping) could lead to a thick layer of dirt on everything.

The other thing is that because there were no tennents previous to us for nearly half a decade, the landlord didn’t bother to pay the heating this year, and so we’ve only got the heater/air conditioner units to keep us warm – it’s barely enough. But well, heat’s going off for the rest of the suckers (I mean paying customers) in two weeks anyway. Still, makes for some shivery mornings…

I don’t have photos yet, nor do I have Internet (posting this with limited time at my old place), but expect some soon.

Meanwhile, it’s been a whole lot of goodbyes lately. This “goodbyes” thing is getting old on me. I’m tired of seeing my friends move away. Cam, Maeve, Adria, James, Corey & Helen, and Chris are all leaving this coming week. As such this week is playing host to a lot of “goodbye” gatherings.

We all met last Sunday for a party at The Box, many met again for a “jam” at the Tinwhistle and tomorrow I think we’re doing Brazilian BBQ and KTV to “officially” send everyone off with good memories of what China’s all about: copious amounts of good food and bad singing.

I will post all the “goodbye” photos at the same time, but right now all I’ve got time for is a few from our party at Future 4 last Sunday. It was a suprising blast and a good pre-cursor for the night to come at The Box.

Anyway… will write again soon, but if it’s an extended delay, I do apologize – blame the Chinese Telecommunications Bureau for making it unneededly complicated to change residence with your ADSL high speed account.

and here I spent six months thinking no one could pull off the fake plastic flower look…

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