Missin’ The Man

And wouldn’t you know it… I’ve got a new roommate. Honestly, it seems that my school is about as consistant as my bowels. Fortunately I lucked out and Freddy is an awesome guy to share the place with. He’s from Australia and has already given me some tips for good places to go once I get there.

We spent last night getting a bit saturated with the drink and then playing Jack Johnson tunes on my crappy guitar well into the morning. I’m realizing quickly that the only thing that makes waking up soaked in sweat to scorching hot weather worse is doing it with a soggy melon that spent the night introducing itself to Chinese beer (Canadian whiskey and Tibetan wine).

Well, Mandy’s been gone nearly a week and I wish I could be all cool about it and say I don’t miss her, but I do. It’s a really odd thing getting into a relationship with someone and then having them leave … it’s giving me a cold dose of exactly what I’m going to do to her when I leave next month. I wouldn’t trade what I’ve had with Mandy for anything but if anyone needs an advocate for avoiding romance while travelling… just raise your hand, I’m there. When you break up with someone there’s a sense of finality to it, you might hope you’ll get back together but the emphasis is definitely on the “it’s over” thing. This, on the other hand, doesn’t have that. One day she’s here, the next day she’s gone… no messy breakup, no angry words, no “I wish I never…” or “you’re such a …”. I mean, I knew it was coming, but I didn’t realize how much I had gotten used to her being around and how much I dug her company.

Anyway, this is sounding all weepy, and I hadn’t intended on that. But well…

Oh… and as she gave me crap for not mentioning it the last time she called… thanks for calling and wishing me happy birthday Amanda! (Cass called too, but she never cares if I mention her – in fact I think any time she reads this site she is just looking with dread to see if I’ve written about her again).

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