Media Machine, Meet Thy Master

Sean’s LLW post, “TV-Condom Nation“, got me thinking about how great living in China can be sometimes. As the only TV I watch is via entire seasons on DVD, I miss out on all the sensationalist news that is piped into most Western homes like so much sewage.

I talked a bit about “pull media” before, and it continues to be something I really love about life here.

Though I generally stay abreast of Canadian/World current events… I was quite happy to learn just this morning that Anna Nicole Smith checked into the big Mansion in the sky last month. Now, of course I’m not happy to learn that she died – though what do I care really? – I’m just thrilled that despite it being everywhere in the media back home, I’ve been completely isolated from it.

Thank you China. And man, is there anyone not claiming paternity? It’s as if half the male population of America is like, “dag yo… I slept with da bitch… might be mine.”

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