Linktastic IV

Time for another edition of Linktastic.

It’s tougher and tougher to list here links I think are great, when I just do that at the newly moved and renovated Hao Hao Report. However, I’ve got a couple things I think are worth checking out (and of course my usual updates about what I’ve been writing elsewhere):

First up, well… why not start with the just mentioned?

Hao Hao Report: I just set the site up to allow for revenue sharing. This allows any member that has a Google Adsense ID to input it in their profile and then have their ads displayed on the page for their submitted links. So, now everyone has a reason to submit links – I mean, over and above the tingly feeling you already get in your nether regions afterwards. It’s currently set to a 50% share ratio (I still have to pay the bills), but the top ten members every two weeks will get their ratio bumped to 75%.

Suffer The Little Brats: I just read this article over at The 88s and thought it worth special mention here as it raises some great questions that actually take the form of questions. I am extremely guilty of asking a lot of my questions in the form of very blunt, know-it-all statements… which, might be guessed, is a shitty way to ask questions. The 88s got it right, and it’s an excellent conversation about child rearing in China versus elsewhere.

The Future Of Chinese Globalization Ends In A Lake Of Fire: I mentioned fellow Suzhou blogger William Dodson’s blog two posts ago (in my rabidly heating up Jesus Is Not Like Buddha debate… ah, post) and he’s once again produced an excellent post that made me stop and ponder this country and its future. That wasn’t actually the title of his post, it was “Chief Executive Mandarins and the Future of Chinese Globalization“… but that’s just makes it sound a lot drier than the read actually is. He has some wonderful insights into how Confucian values shape near every corner of life in China.

Help Wanted: I’ve posted a Help Wanted ad over at the Lost Laowai blog in hopes that it might encourage some gifted writers to come and offer their abilities and insights to the site. So, if you feel you might be able to assist, please check out that post and the Write For Us link. It’s worth visiting the post simply for the Uncle Mao image I created for it.

Revenue Sharing-Web $2.00: And to round things out, here’s a link to my premier entry for a new blog I’m writing at, Intelligent Drone. Well, the blog’s not new, but I’m new at it. It’s a blog about technology, Web design, Web 2.0 and such and has the potential to be great, but has been lacking updates lately. I’m really excited to be posting there along side some other names that you might recognize from the China blogsphere – namely John over at Sinosplice and Mark down in Taiwan with his blog Doubting To Shuo. The content may be geared more to the more Internetrested – to coin an incredibly difficult word to say – but there’s sure to be something for everyone… ok, not everyone… but maybe you – check it out.

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