Kylie Showgirl Tour Pitchers 2005

Top 9 of 9 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 14 56.00% humanaught
2 2 8.00% eric’s hair salon beijing
3 2 8.00% the humanaught
4 2 8.00%
5 1 4.00% koh phanagan
6 1 4.00% kylie showgirl tour pitchers 2005
7 1 4.00% mcvittie dam
8 1 4.00% shanghai ktv girls photo
9 1 4.00% the mancunian candidate poster

Not to bore with more random site statistics… but the above chart outlines various search strings (the crap you type into Google, Yahoo, etc., when looking for something) that led to a hit on my site. Now the ‘Humanaught’ stuff … that’s likely me testing to see if I had been listed yet in Google – but ‘Kylie Showgirl Tour Pitchers [sic] 2005’… and I could only wish I had Shanghai KTV Girls photos…

It’s a bit embarrassing that I’m second in the Google listings for the improperly spelt “koh phanagan” but third for “ryan mclaughlin china blog”.

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