I Walk The Online

So I'm back!

Just when my Chinese studies were starting to improve, I'm back online!

But where my Chinese text may feel a little abandon, you no longer need to. I'm back amongst you and couldn't be happier for it.

Buddy from the telecom company showed up yesterday and sorted me out by doing what they do best, a whole lot of nothing. Basically, as I nicked the modem and gear from my apartment in Dalian, all I needed was an account name and password. This, of course, didn't stop him from putting a bunch of Chinese language China Telecom software on my computer.

I've run a bunch of malware removal utilities and I think I've got it all off… but who knows, perhaps CT have downloaded all my sensitive files and are currently recording each keystroke I type…

Ran across this little pic via the boys at TalkTalkChina, who scooped it from Dulang. It's actually pretty fitting to have Gene Simmons givin' Mao the paint. With Simmons alleging he's slept with 4,600 women … he's got to be getting near Mao's booty count.

I don't know about rock 'n' roll all night, but Mao was certainly Party everyday.

Oh, some may have noticed the addition of a little Podcast of Post link at the top of each entry. This is for all those of you whom just can't be bothered to risk the health of your eyes to read this drivel. So, waste your hearing instead! It text-to-speech's my post and does a reasonable job – but as Rick pointed out … it's very OK Computer-esque.

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