How us Suzhou Expats can help quake victims

My friend Rebecca just let me know that Suzhou Bookworm, which also has an affiliated location in Chengdu, is collecting donations to assist those affected by Monday’s horrible earthquake in Sichuan. If any fellow Suzhou expats have means to help, please read the following for details.

The Bookworm’s sister branch in Chengdu has become a focal point for assisting those groups currently providing on the ground support for those in Sichuan affected by the earthquake tragedy.

There is a concern that unless we get urgently needed supplies to the survivors of the quake, more people will lose their lives from exposure, starvation, and lack of medical treatment.

The Chinese Red Cross are currently setting up operations in affected areas. In the meantime, smaller groups are doing what they can to provide food, water, shelter and medicines.

The Bookworm is assisting these groups, until the larger organisations are able to provide support.

Here in Suzhou, from now until the night of the 17th, as advised by the Chinese Red Cross, we’re collecting emergency donations of:


Our friends at DHL will ship all collected donations to The Bookworm Chengdu on Saturday 17th May.

Please drop off all donations by 4pm on SATURDAY 17th MAY.
Call Rebecca on 15995472835

Beyond these dates, our efforts will continue in accordance with advice from the Chinese Red Cross.

Thank you for your desperately needed support.

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