How To Spot A Jap

It’s no secret in Western countries it is oft whispered among the Whities that when it comes to Asians, “they all look the same to us”. I had always assumed this was just our inherent racism, and once you got to know the cultures and such, it would be much easier to say what nationality a person of Asian descent was. Upon arriving in China I figured the secret would be revealed and I would be able to spend the rest of my life using my powers as an excellent bar trick…

“Ah, she’s obviously Korean… and he… he’s Japanese, no doubt. That guy… well, he’s Chinese of course. Just look at him. Are you blind?”

Well, the fool that I was got a let down pretty quick when I was informed that Chinese people couldn’t tell the difference between their compatriots and those of the countries they love to loath. The fact is, it’s like saying you can tell who is a Yankie and a Canuck (without the use of “about”). A Scot and a Brit…. or any other epidermally similar group of ethnicities.
Or such I had thought until UNEASYsilence gave me this link to “How To Spot A Jap“, a rather hilarious pocket guide given to American soldiers stationed in China during World War II. Now, I recognize that a certain level of civility has to be left back at home with the womenfolk in times of war… but really, this is just goofy.

Here are three samples cut from the rather hip comic that features A) my name, B) name of a rather awesome (in its time) music festival, and C) the always guaranteed to make you giggle term ‘g-string’.

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