Hello? Typhoon?

Umm. I certainly don’t mean to sound like I’m not appreciatative of the trouble nature goes to when creating natural disasters… but I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed in this “typhoon”.

Aside from a few mildly windy showers yesterday, and water and instant noodles being bought by the bike-load, the main event has been noticably absent from humble little Jinzhou’s shores. The cancelled classes were a nice touch though… and being stuck in doors did allow Freddy and I the opportunity to rework the lyrics to John Denver’s immortal classic (Take Me Home) Country Roads. The newly titled (Take Me Home) Mao Ze Dong should be available in a bootleg shop near you as soon as they all re-open.

Yeah, looks like the government has finally decided to crack down on DVDs. It’s unclear about the reason, but likely has to do with WTO officials visiting or something. Hell, it could be as simple as a party leader having bought a bum copy of War of the Worlds.

So, no typhoon, no DVDs… bah. The one thing I do have is a ticket to Thailand! As does Freddy, so I’ll have some company on my mini-vacation. At only 1,680 RMB (about $250 CND – or Australian… I just have no idea what currency to use for my conversions anymore) it didn’t hurt my wallet too much, which is good because I am getting a little nervous about how much money I’ll be arriving in Australia with. Hopefully with a return ticket to Thailand they’ll not want to check my bank account to prove I have the visa-stipulated amount in there.

I’ve been in touch with Rieng, my good friend in Thailand and she said she’s got no problem putting Freddy and I up at her place, which is great as I can’t wait to see her and her family again. We’ll stay with her for a few days, exploring Bangkok and securing our tickets to Australia, and then head down to either Koh Chang or Koh Samet for a week of fun in the sun on a nice beach.

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