Hello Bachelor Pad

Right, that was short-lived. It would seem that our Jinzhou school doesn’t have enough students enrolled in the summer intensive program to warrant having a teacher here… so, after not even a week here, it looks like Adria is moving out.

This has caused Sherry to deliver an early morning call to me today asking if she can change my contract to a Summer Intensive contract… but honestly, I am little interested in doing more hours for crappy pay. If they make me an offer that has the extra hours at no-less than overtime pay, perhaps I’ll consider it.

Well, today is my birthday party. It looks like most of the people that are in town will be making an appearance. Sadly Natalie and Liz are in Beijing for the week and wont be able to make it. I’m sort of wishy-washy about the whole affair as I usually am when it comes to birthdays. This has the unique title of being my first birthday in a foreign country, but being away from home and my friends is a tough thing during the milestones – nothing a load of Chinese food and beer can’t cheer up though.

R.I.P. Meimei

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