Happy New Year!

Ah, the coveted “er ling ling ba” has arrived! Well, in China at least – and that’s where it matters most I suppose.

A big happy new year to everyone – particularly those readers that have shown much patience in my complete lack of posts while I’ve been off showing the wonders of Canada to my beautiful wife (who is currently rolled up in a ball in the corner shaking back and forth mumbling “chinese food, please…. chinese food, please… “)

I will be posting a full recounting of our trip and her thoughts on the world outside the Middle Kingdom upon my return to China in a couple days.

Until then, I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year celebration. We’ve still 13 hours of 2007 to go here in S. Ontario, but as I’ve a crapload of stuff to get done between now and the new year, I’m squishing each minute as best I can.

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