Halfing The Count

So, in recent months I’ve really only had four foreign friends in Dalian that I hang out with. Lorna, Justin, Alan and Vanessa. Well, never have I had the population of my friends in a given demographic split so swiftly in half.

Under the cover of darkness, in a veil of secrecy that still has Future School reeling to discover how it could have happened… they slipped away on the sky boat back to New Zealand. I hadn’t seen much of them lately, so I know I’ll not miss them in my day-to-day life… but I did enjoy knowing they were there as they were a riot to hang out with. I don’t know much about it, but I know that Alan’s grandmother was sick, he had to leave, Vanessa disliked it enough here to not want to stay alone and they didn’t want to risk any problems with visa-immigration, etc. I also know that the whole fiasco is the talk of Future School even way out here in Jinzhou… haha.

In other news, the spat finally ended. Sino-Canadian relations have returned to status quo if not improved a shade. Mandy came over last night and after a lot of walking around (both Jinzhou and the issue) we both said sorry, admitted that it shouldn’t have been so heated and we’re all sorted.

Oh, and it looks like I might get to brush off my ‘live-performance’ anxiety as there’s a party at The Box in Dalian this Thursday and I was asked to play. Now, whether my lungs, well saturated with the fine quality air here, can push out a song… has yet to be seen … ah, heard.

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